Ten Cool Ideas to Help You Get Started on Your NFT Collection

If you’ve been thinking about creating your own NFT Collection but have no idea where to begin, this article is for you.

Getting started is one of the hardest things to do, and not everyone can muster creative juices on command. So we created this guide to help orient and get you started, but navigation is up to you though we’re here should you need support. 

Let’s dive in. 

Like anything new, a fleeting thought marinated long enough becomes an idea before exiting your mind onto the world stage. For some, this exit will take the form of a brainstorming session for names or themes; while for others, it may be a creative outlet such as drawing, sketching, or doodling. There’s no wrong or right way to get your juices flowing and your process going. When it comes to NFTs, one thing’s for sure: the only limit is your imagination.

After scouring high and low for inspiration, our team has come up with a few ideas for creating an NFT collection. Below are some overall themes and a few ways you could go with them:


Everyone loves animals, right? Well not so fast as some folks can take or leave them. Because animals are just like us, there are many interesting and fun angles to take: dress them up, dress them down; humanize their actions, mannerisms, or thoughts; or loosely base your characters on your favourite pet’s look, quirks, or personality. The possibilities are endless. 

Mutant Variants 

Think back to the classic portrayal of the little green men from outer space. Now let your imagination run loose, drawing inspiration and ideas from your subconscious, the universe, the web, and the world of cartoons you grew up with. Putting your own spin, creative take, or play on a mainstream artifact is one way to personalize an already known genre or catalogue of creatures.

Cute and Cuddly

Classic styles make animals more adorable than ever. However, there’s the potential to turn gruesome or grotesque creations into slightly more adorable creatures (or vice versa). How about taking the biggest, burliest and most masculine of creatures and transforming it into a dainty, fragile cutie? Or how about exaggerating some of the characteristics that make this burly creature fearsome? Just a thought.  


With retro gaming and nostalgia from the 80s and 90’s very on-trend, why not let your collection reflect a retro tinge? You could incorporate the dress codes, hairstyles, and fashion accessories from these eras into your artwork easily enough. Perhaps even create an exclusive offer of characters from this era.

Cool and Quirky 

Almost everyone loves something with a unique charm and that stands out from the pack, at least people who value individualism do. With art, the major lure is often something in the artwork that’s deeply human (pervasive) yet singular. Merge these polarizing concepts uniquely and you could be a winner!

Humanizing Foods 

Place your favourite food products in front of the fridge, cupboard, pantry or window sill. Add in some eyes and appendages and give each a name.

Congratulations, you’ve just created a range! If Cedric the carrot, Polly the pea, Benji the broccoli and the rest of their unruly friends have anything to do with it, they’d have you get your pen out and sketch some additional characters to join the group. Let your imagination run wild and see what food-based fun you can create.

Detailed Landscapes 

These intricate creations can be fictitious or bring a fresh spin to your real-life beloved topography. By the time you import, filter, layer up, and enhance the image you captured from your morning walk, you’ll hardly recognise the piece. Start yourself off on the right foot with a helping hand from nature.

Highly Polished and Refined 

True art lovers often go for an aesthetically stunning piece that captivates the gaze, and there are many ways to do this; very detailed technically precise artwork with stunning pixels can pull in audiences in search of the finest art. Pick a subject you love, and see about creating a shot of beauty that perfectly captures the essence and energy of that moment in time. Do this well, and you’ll undoubtedly have a success story.

Mythical Beasts / Ethereal Creations 

A topic that will never be dull to draw, paint, or create art for is the beasts and figures of a bygone era. Social creatures, folk from the underworld, fallen angels, harrowed monsters, and other creatures or monsters from folklore would all fit into this box. There is no need to start entirely from scratch here when an oldie but goodie will do; simply find your favourite creatures and let them inspire you to determine and breathe life into a creature that’s all yours.

Modernising Traditional Art Styles 

Some art is timeless, representing a culture so accurate that it does not need changing; or the art is able to accommodate tiny enhancements without impacting its overall look and feel. This type of art may be anything -a  traditional fabric, a tapestry woven into a culture, or even a shard of pottery, handmade object or tool (think passed-down artistry, paint styles, or tribal patternings). A modern, digital version of these, tastefully laid out and true to form, could be an essential artifact for years to come.

These ideas are just a drop in the bucket of what’s possible when creating an NFT collection. With so much variety out there, there is no shortage of subject matter. Hopefully, these ideas inspire and jumpstart your creative thought process, prompting your mind to a new chain of thought. Let us know what you create. We’re listening.  

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