About Us

Your entire art portfolio visible in one place: House centrally. Share seamlessly. Sell everywhere.

As an NFT artist, you probably have your mints on various marketplaces and blockchains which raises the question, how do you showcase your NFT portfolio?

You probably use linktree to list the various platforms where your art resides. But that’s a fragmented experience for your fans, collectors, and anyone who would like to view your NFT portfolio. Imagine having to click each link and navigate each marketplace; rinse and repeat 2, 3, or 4 times (depending on how many marketplaces/chains you’re on). 

Why not showcase ALL your art in one space designed for a mobile-first and seamless visual experience? You’ll make a great first impression on potential collectors, increasing your chance of a sale. By storing your NFT portfolio on a multichain NFT platform, Ilunafriq, your fans and collectors can easily browse, select, and buy.

What does this mean for you? You can:

  • Promote your NFT say, ahead of an upcoming drop. We’ll put your art in front of more people more often.
  • Showcase and show off ALL your NFTs no matter what chain (yep, we’re marketplace and blockchain agnostic).
  • More easily convert casual browsers into serious buyers by routing them directly to your NFTs for sale (we integrate with major NFT players),

…and more!

Ilunafriq is THE decentralised digital gallery to showcase your art in its best light, setting the mood for fellow art enthusiasts from around the globe to experience your art exactly as you intend.

But we’re not just a gallery, but a community. 

For any 1/1, series, or collection, you can attach owners, artists, and collaborators giving credit where it’s due. 

The Web3 world is ever changing, and as a platform, we’re changing with it. So come with us as we refine and grow Ilunafriq based on your needs. Feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome. Simply pop your thoughts over via electronic message to [email protected].

Welcome to Ilunafriq!