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How to [Easily] Sell NFTs Online – A Page from Apple Computer’s Playbook

It’s not funky to be clunky, especially when you sell NFTs online. 

In fact, you could argue that presentation is everything or at least 70% of the sale. Case in point, Apple. The American manufacturer of personal computers, smartphones, tablet computers, computer peripherals, and computer software’s success in product unveiling and sales is legendary. 

Yes, their products are awesome, but their reveal reinforces that awesomeness. 

Think back to when you got your first Apple product, peeled back the wrap, and saw it come alive. How did you feel? 

Presentation is an art form, and your audience would massively appreciate you making their consumption of your art enjoyable. This is especially true in order to successfully sell NFTs online.  

So the question is, how do you provide your fans, the casually curious, and potential collectors with an enjoyable experience? 

If you’re like most artists, your solution is a linktree url with a listing of every platform housing your art; meaning that each member of your audience has to visit an NFT marketplace, view your art, return to your linktree listing, visit another NFT marketplace to view your art, then return to your linktree listing. 

Only to visit yet another NFT marketplace to view your art, then return to the linktree listing; rinse and repeat for the number of NFT marketplaces you’re on.

Not forgetting that with each platform, your audience has to navigate their way to find and view your art. 

Having your viewers navigate multiple links and channels within the vast and growing Web3 world can be a deterrent for even the hardiest of art aficionados, resulting in the risk of losing a sale. 

As artists, the emphasis is typically on creating, curating, and connecting; and not always on first impressions, how best to display your art, or how to get people engaged. But first impressions do matter.

Hosting, uploading, minting, storing, and documenting your art on multiple platforms means your body of work is scattered across the web, which can result in your audience only seeing a portion of your work. 

Some of the art you poured a part of yourself into never gets seen; worse, they’re presented as a fragmented experience, leaving the viewer [and you] deflated.

Having no viable way to bring all your art together means you may have little to no traction and exposure, and, ultimately, sales.

So what is the solution to successfully sell NFTs online?

Naturally, a seamless, mobile-optimised online experience is at the top of the wish list, especially today. But this can be easily overlooked. After all, what is seamless and intuitive to you may not be the case for the next person (and vice versa).

But, what if there’s more? An offer without any major hangups or challenges typically associated with techy stuff or computery things that aren’t always understood?

This offer is cryptoart aggregation also called multichain NFT aggregation. 

As an independent marketplace aggregation service that’s marketplace and blockchain agnostic, Ilunafriq pulls all of your NFT 1/1s and collections into a single space, allowing your entire art portfolio be visible from one spot 

This space is your gallery. 

Your portfolio.  

A central sweet spot in a world of chaos.

A seamless experience in a sea of fragmentation. 

No more messy links, a plethora of open tabs, or navigational headaches. With ilunafriq, every detail has been carefully thought-out and planned for, all done with you, the artist, in mind. All designed to help you sell NFTs online, easily. seamlessly. fluidly. 

Why is multichain NFT aggregation important?

Because it’s all about first impressions and presentation. Let’s take a page out of Apple’s extensive playbook.

Even if you’re not a fan of the American manufacturer of personal computers (not everyone is), we can at least agree that they have stellar marketing and branding. 

Here are the presentation tactics Apple uses at every product reveal (note that every time you share your art with fans or would-be buyers, that is your own “product” reveal):

  Apple [How it applies to] You
1. Rehearse i.e. practice before a public presentation. By placing all your art in one spot, you’re preparing for your unveiling to that curious fan or interested collector.
2. Build in wow moments. With your art in one spot, your audience will easily get a feel for your style, creative expression, and body of work. 
3. Create a short repeatable headline. Keep the headline and description of your NFTs short. A good practice is to have it fit in a Twitter post of under 140 characters, tell a story of the art’s genesis, and be easily repeatable or shareable.

Above all, Apple thinks of a product launch as a performance. And you can too, every time you share your aggregated portfolio across the web with a single link.

A great performance has a cast (you), props (ilunafriq), intriguing visuals (your NFTs), and surprises (the beauty of your work).

Watch for a great performance and put on a good show every single time you share your work. 

Ilunafriq is a platform built from the ground up, placing the artist front and centre, illuminating creative expression, and helping de-risk NFT sales for artists.

Come and check out why our creators are less stressed and have more control over their art, and how people see or engage with it. 

We are Ilunafriq, and this is what we do!