Imagine Ilunafriq

Remember when Google was just an idea, apple was not into computers, and bitcoin was a joke?  

It’s no secret that industry firsts, blue oceans, and significant trendsetters often lead the way for others to follow. Some remain firmly in the lead, while others tussle and scrape for what’s left.

Someone always needs to go first to show what’s possible.

He Who Goes First Paves The Way

Look at Roger Bannister, Chris Hoy, Tiger Woods, and Mike Tyson, to name a few. Within the tech sector, we have Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

Digital art appreciators are similar in this regard. They swoop in on the next big up-and-coming thing before it’s even a blip on others’ radar. 

Whereas some may be reliant on bots and AI to do much of the leg work, these appreciators actively scour and immerse themselves in the world of Web3 seeking ripples, rumors, or plurality indicators through social media detectives; their efforts spread across a plethora of platforms

All that just got easier. 

Ilunafriq is here to help you be discovered. House all your digital art in one spot on our Multichain NFT aggregation marketplace and appreciate them alone, with friends, strangers who become friends, the general public, fellow connoisseurs, and/or appreciators. 

It’s not just about digital art; it’s about what the art does

  • Breaking boundaries
  • Fostering understanding and dialogue
  • Creating opportunities 
  • Improving psychological wellbeing (by making you smile)
  • Changing lives 

All artists can make an impact; all it takes is for that digital artwork to be seen, felt, heard, and understood by the right person. And just like that, a life is transformed; case in point, the inception of Bored Apes or the launch of Crypto Punks.

Five years is a long time, and much has changed within our digital landscape since then. So if you’ve been waiting for the right time or the next big thing, if you’ve been considering digital gallery ownership but haven’t taken the next step, now’s your time because the launch of Ilunafriq will be remembered as a pivotal moment in NFT history. 

Will it be a part of your story in years to come, or will that same dismissive voice that kept you from getting in early on Bitcoin and OpenSea be heeded again? 

If you genuinely want to be part of a community that shares your voice and passions, then Ilunafriq is here for the bigger picture, with values and benefits that will help you level up and grow.

Digital Art Re-Imagined

Imagine how much farther along you would be with a bigger following, fresh eyes, and audiences for your creations. 

A playing field where you get the exposure that you deserve and can showcase your digital collections, NFTs, series, and favourite digital art however you like; knowing that your passion will meet profit every time you drop a release, and feeling confident and validated as the likes, shares, and views come rolling in. 

This is the reality for only a few people, disproportionately to the amazingly talented artists out there struggling; sacrificing their time, energy, and creativity in soul-destroying jobs that eek away at the psyche in return for meager hourly wages.

Which reality would you rather be a part of? 

You, as do we all, have a choice to do what we can every day.

If you’ve had enough of the capitalist machine getting one over the little guy all too often and want to take a stance against the stiff upper lip of the high art world, then come friq with us in pastures less green; more of an interconnected, technicolor dreamcoat landscape free of void, limitation, or restrictions.

Brick and mortar, borders and ownership constrictions may be the most significant limiting factor in enjoying physical art in person. These could be solved by creating one central mega gallery to merge the Munich, the Bergheim, rustle in the Royal Albert, and nudge the natural history into the mix. 

Realistically nobody is brave enough to suggest, do, or even fund a colossal project of this nature in real life. 

But digitally, anything is possible.

We Bring You

Unrestricted access to pool all your digital art in one place to enjoy whenever you like!

You choose where, how, and with whom this artwork is shared.

So imagine, if you will, how the road ahead looks for you. What are you hoping alters your digital landscape, journey, and adventure? 

Have you set things in motion to become a multi-dimensional creator rather than a consumer? This one switch is possibly one of the most significant steps you can take in building awareness. 

Give people the chance to connect with you and experience your life, creative thoughts, ideas, and processes. 

Pull back the curtain if you dare, allow your fan club to connect with your world, and inspire change for those who also want to do something similar. 

Be a role model and success story. 

Prove them wrong, do what’s right, make a change, and follow your heart for a change. 

What digital art will you create today?